Agile projects

Ask yourself one simple question: Would you be happy to ship your product without any content? If the answer is no, you need to make sure that content is properly integrated into your agile project.

And you’re in the right place to make that happen! As well as being veteran content professionals, we are qualified project managers and Certified Scrum Product Owners.

Why you need a content professional

Large development projects can be stressful, whether they’re agile or a more traditional approach. Project Managers / Product Owners have a lot on their plate without having to think about the ‘content bit’ and how it fits into the wider process.

But if the content bit isn’t thought about, all sorts of problems arise. The project can run late as you wait for the content to catch up. Poor design decisions are made because no one has a deep enough knowledge of the content. Poor quality content gets rushed through and the user experience suffers. The business objectives fail and the budget blows out! Ugly.

This is where we come in. We immerse ourselves in your project, solving those curly issues before they become problematic.

What we do to solve the problem

Think of us like business analysts with a strong focus on content and Content Management Systems (CMS). We bring to the project a framework of content activities that integrates fully into the agile process.

Here are some of the tasks we perform:

  • Prepare content-related user stories
  • Estimate cost and value of producing content
  • Carry out subject matter research
  • Prepare content for designs (yes, we can write!)
  • Manage content through iterations
  • Gather and analyse CMS requirements
  • Manage CMS population
  • Prepare CMS workflows and work instructions

We guarantee that content will play a strategic part in project success – no surprises, no delays!

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