What ‘content’ are we talking about?

We deal primarily with text-based online content – or ‘copy’ – and it generally falls into the groups below. These groups are not only useful from an editorial perspective, but they also help determine when the content needs to be ready, how it will be maintained and who’s responsible for it.

Content that supports a particular product (or service). Its purpose is to aid conversion and communicate the product’s features and value to the customer.

Content that supports a customer’s research phase. Its purpose is to inform or educate, rather than drive conversion. It can be detailed or succinct, depending on the topic it’s covering. For complex topics, it could be in the form of infographics or video scripts.

Copy that customers see at each step of an online transaction (such as buying or registering). It covers instructions, forms, helpful tips, automated confirmations and any embedded wording along the way – such as the oft-forgot error messages!

Copy that helps people ‘do’ things as quickly and easily as possible (that aren’t online transactions, as per above). It could be a page that simplifies a complicated process, or a paragraph that guides the customer to the right place.

Material that supports the customer and the employees that support the customer (for example, call centre staff). It could be ‘How to’ articles/videos that customers use to self-serve or employees use when helping the customer. Or it could be ‘scripts’ or email templates to help the call centre answer difficult questions.

Tiny pieces of copy for things like labels, links, buttons and calls to action. It can also be wording for an information architecture or nomenclature.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Copy that supports an SEO strategy, such as page titles, page descriptions, headings, alternative text for images, and video transcripts, aswell as the appropriate use of keywords in general information.

Copy that helps market the product/service/brand. It includes copy for e-newsletters, social media sites, news articles, blogs and campaigns.

Content management documentation
And, of course, we also write documentation that supports how all this content will be maintained! (Refer to Content Governance.)

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