Conquering complex content problems

We’ve helped many organisations – large and small, public and private – conquer complex content problems, create customer-focused content, and put processes and people in place to measure and maintain it.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Below is some of our pudding. (We’re happy to provide more pudding with requests for quotes.)

Our work

  • Moneysmart

    Helping people make better decisions

    Armed with consumer insights and a refreshed brand, we put our content design skill to work on the new Moneysmart website for ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). We applied our signature collaborative approach, rewriting and restructuring content to make it easier to understand, while building internal capability along the way.

  • VCAT

    Improving customer service

    We created a suite of standard correspondence and hearing notices for Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). The challenge was to cut through the jargon to create content that is easy to understand – especially for customers without legal experience – while complying with VCAT’s legislative responsibilities.

  • Bureau of Meteorology

    Starting the content transformation

    The Bureau of Meteorology is embarking on a series of projects to improve the usability of its products and services. In partnership with the UX lead, we prepared a high-level content strategy demonstrating how content skills could elevate the UX team’s work and what needed to be done to put the plan into practice.

  • Victorian Skills Gateway

    Virtual assistance for eligibility

    We planned and wrote the conversational journeys for a chatbot for the Victorian Skills Gateway. Based on complex criteria and multiple user profiles, we designed journeys to help users determine their eligibility for government-subsidised training. We also created and reorganised content for the Victorian Skills Gateway website.

  • Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

    Identifying user needs

    Bastow wanted to know how to improve the course information on their website to help users choose the right course. We reviewed existing user research and carried out research of our own. Once we knew what users wanted, we restructured the course page, created the content and tested it with users.

  • Coliban Water

    Laying the content foundation

    We created the content for the Coliban Water website, supporting design agency Webplace. Crucial to this process was the preparation of editorial guidelines to set the tone, style and standard. On completion of the content, we ran a content design workshop to provide the internal team with the knowledge and skills to keep the content useful, readable and accessible.

  • National Debt Helpline

    Simplifying complex information

    The challenge was to create simple guidance for people in debt – without compromising legal compliance – to support a busy helpline. We developed the content strategy, information architecture, page layouts and content. We tested along the way to make sure the content is easy to find and understand.

  • Suncorp Group

    Operationalising content production

    We helped Suncorp’s eCommerce team develop a content production framework and associated resources to support their customer experience approach. The framework had to integrate with their agile environment and adapt for use across a wide range of brands, such as AAMI and GIO.

  • GWMWater

    Creating customer-friendly information

    Our task was to create content that reflected the informative and friendly personality of water organisation GWMWater. We wrote the content and supporting style guide, and created processes and resources for GWMWater’s team to maintain it themselves. We also still help them out sometimes!

  • Births, Deaths & Marriages

    Supporting a UX approach

    The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages in Victoria had a job on its hands to simplify the process for people to register and get certificates for significant life events. We helped them rewrite the content, working with subject experts to reduce duplicated content, simplify the language and make it accessible for everyone.

  • Digital Transformation Agency

    Clearer, simpler services

    We helped the Digital Transformation Agency create guidance about content strategy. Co-created with government agencies, the guidance will help to simplify content, remove redundant content and manage content more efficiently, as well as build the capability of teams in content strategy methodologies.

  • Financial Counselling Australia

    Equipping financial counsellors

    We helped the national body for the financial counselling industry improve the content and resources in a toolkit for professionals in the field. The toolkit was transformed from a list of links to a topic-based structure that curated similar resources and could be easily searched.

  • City of Boroondara

    Content for customers

    Working with UX agency Parisfirst, we prepared a plan to review and rewrite Council’s content to support a customer-first design approach. We then turned 3,000 pages into 500 pages of customer-friendly, accessible, task-focused information.

  • Department of Justice

    Justifying simpler content

    We helped the Department of Justice transform how they deliver information online to the public. We drove the need for a content strategy and worked closely with subject experts to advocate for simpler, clearer content.

  • AAMI

    Balancing customer and legal needs

    Supporting UX design agency Symplicit’s customer research, we worked with the AAMI team to rewrite content about insurance products in a way that was easier for customers to understand, while keeping its legal integrity. Not easy!

We work with some great digital agencies!

CSForum 2016

We’re proud to be leading content strategy experts in Australia. That’s why we brought the international Content Strategy Forum to Australia for the very first time!

Guests and speakers came from all over the world, from governments and councils, corporate organisations, leading agencies large and small. And they all loved it.

We quite liked it too, and are looking forward to spreading the content love at more events in Australia in the future. Watch this space.

CS Forum 2016