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Plain language editing

Words matter, every single one of them

Content can make or break the user experience, so it’s worth doing well. When content is written in plain language, your audience can understand it. Every word is useful.

We use our plain language skills to make sure your content is clear and well structured. This makes it easier and faster to read, learn and use.

Our plain language editing service includes:

  • improving sentence structure
  • replacing complex words with simpler alternatives
  • removing jargon and slang
  • rewording content to achieve a consistent voice and tone
  • reorganising content to improve the flow of information
  • identifying duplicated content, or gaps in the content
  • checking content complies with accessibility and readability standards
  • checking content against a style guide or other specific requirements.

The result is content in plain language that builds trust and helps people make decisions.

And to make sure it really works, we can test it with real users.

Below are a few of the organisations we’ve helped with plain language editing.

Our success stories

  • National Debt Helpline

    Clarifying complex information

    For the website that supports the National Debt Helpline, we consolidated and edited content from multiple sites to deliver clear, accessible and step-by-step information for people in financial difficulty.

  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

    Improving the customer experience

    We wrote and edited content for a suite of standard correspondence and hearing notices to help people understand VCAT’s processes – in plain language and consistent with the tribunal’s legislative requirements.

  • Lower Murray Water

    Useful and accessible content

    We wrote useful content in plain language to replace outdated, duplicated and complex information. The result is a user-focused site that engages, educates and supports all customers.

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