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Information architecture

Put content where users expect it to be, in words they understand

Whether you’re developing a new website or improving your current one, information is only useful if people can find it – quickly and easily.

When you organise and label information logically and consistently, people can predict and learn where to find things. When they can find what they came for, they’re more likely to get things done without needing help.

That’s why we take an evidence-based approach to information architecture (IA) that includes:

  • user research to learn more about your customers and their top tasks, terminology and mental models
  • understanding your organisation’s services or products, goals and priority information
  • a detailed audit to get a clear picture of your content
  • usability testing to check the labelling makes sense and users can find what they’re looking for.

The result is a user-centred IA that gives everyone a positive experience and meets your goals.

Below are a few of the organisations we’ve helped with IA.

Our success stories

  • NSW Department of Customer Service

    Access to critical COVID-19 information

    At the height of the pandemic, the NSW government urgently needed to update COVID-19 information on We designed a new information architecture that better organises critical and constantly shifting information, reduces duplication, and makes it easier for the Department to maintain.

  • Northcote High School

    Connecting with the right audience

    The school wanted their new website to reflect their values and culture, promote their offerings, and be easier to manage. We helped them achieve all this by defining the audience, designing the information architecture and writing new content to meet their needs.

  • BirdLife Australia

    Making it easier to engage and take action

    With multiple websites and over 10,000 pages of content, we worked with BirdLife to envisage a more streamlined future-state ecosystem. We designed a new information architecture and content types to make it easy for users to learn about birds, donate, volunteer and join a campaign online.

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