Conquering complex content problems

We’ve helped many organisations – large and small, government and commercial – conquer complex content problems, create user-focused content, and put processes and people in place to measure and maintain it.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Below is some of our pudding. (We’re happy to provide more on request.)

Our work

  • NSW Ombudsman

    Find out how the Ombudsman can help

    To make it easier for people make a complaint about NSW government agencies – and understand the process – we wrote accessible content and designed a new information architecture for the NSW Ombudsman website. And to document their vision, content practices and priorities, we developed a clear content strategy.

  • NSW Department of Customer Service

    Access to critical COVID-19 information

    At the height of the pandemic, the NSW government urgently needed to update COVID-19 information on We designed a new information architecture that better organises critical and constantly shifting information, reduces duplication, and makes it easier for the Department to maintain.

  • BirdLife Australia

    Making it easier to engage and take action

    With multiple websites and over 10,000 pages of content, we worked with BirdLife to envisage a more streamlined future-state ecosystem. We designed a new information architecture and content types to make it easy for users to learn about birds, donate, volunteer and join a campaign online.

  • Atlassian

    Better ops leads to better content for customers

    That’s what we helped Atlassian prove. Through co-design workshops, we identified challenges and opportunities in their current content development process, and delivered an operations model to better support the content design team.


  • NSW Boating Handbook

    Staying safe on the water

    Published by Transport for NSW, the Boating Handbook is a trusted guide to the rules for using NSW waterways. We applied our content design skills to transform complex regulations and technical maritime concepts and terminology into clear information everyone can understand.

  • NSW Road User Handbook

    Clearer rules, safer roads

    The Road User Handbook is the go-to resource for getting your driver licence in NSW. Transport for NSW’s decision to digitise the hardcopy version gave us the chance to create better content. We removed duplication, aligned the terminology, and made information easier to find, understand and learn.

  • Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

    Clarifying new standards for financial advisers

    To help financial advisers understand and meet their obligations under new professional standards, we transformed complex regulatory information into clear step-by-step guidance and improved the information architecture for relevant sections of the ASIC website.

  • Moneysmart

    Helping people make better decisions

    To align with a refreshed brand and strategy, we put our content design skill to work on the new Moneysmart website for the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). We applied our signature collaborative approach to designing clear, user-focused, goal-oriented and accessible content in plain English.

  • Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

    Giving users what they need

    We asked Victorian teachers and principals what information they needed to make the right professional learning choices. Using insights from this research and content testing, we restructured the course page, identified opportunities for improvement, and rewrote the content for key courses for Bastow’s website.

  • Victorian Skills Gateway

    Making better career decisions

    The Victorian Skills Gateway is the most authoritative website for people looking for vocational training in Victoria. We worked with the team at the Department of Education and Training to create content for a new task-based structure that put the user first – helping everyone make better career decisions.

  • Coliban Water

    Championing plain English

    Coliban Water’s website is an important resource for its customers. We came on board to convert a mountain of technical content into a practical website – one that was genuinely helpful and useful. We moved the focus to the user and created clear and effective content.

  • Department of Justice and Regulation

    Lifting project compliance and success

    To streamline project management at the Department, we developed a content strategy, created a new information architecture and rewrote content for their internal project management tool – making it easier for everyone to use and comply.

  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

    Improving the customer experience

    VCAT is Australia’s busiest tribunal. We created content for a suite of standard correspondence and hearing notices to help people understand VCAT’s processes – in plain English and consistent with their legislative requirements.

  • Active Moreland

    Making fitness easier

    We designed the page templates, developed the wireframes and wrote high-level functional specifications for a new Active Moreland website. Booking a pool lane, signing-up for a fitness program, becoming a member or joining a local sports club has never been so easy.

  • Northcote High School

    Connecting with the right audience

    The school wanted their new website to reflect their values and culture, promote their offerings, and be easier to manage. We helped them achieve all this by defining the audience and their needs, designing a new information architecture, writing new content and creating page templates for the new CMS and design.

  • Bureau of Meteorology

    Starting the content transformation

    The Bureau of Meteorology is embarking on a series of projects to improve the usability of its products and services. We helped them prepare a high-level content strategy demonstrating how content skills could elevate the UX team’s work and what needed to be done to put the plan into practice.

  • Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)

    Clearer, simpler services

    We helped the DTA create their Content Strategy Guide. Co-created with government agencies, the guide helps to develop the processes to create, structure and manage content more efficiently, as well as build the capability of teams in content strategy methodologies.

  • National Debt Helpline

    Clarifying complex information

    People turn to the National Debt Helpline when they’re in financial difficulty. For the website that supports the phone line, we consolidated content from multiple sites to create clear content that guides users to the information they need quickly and easily.

  • Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

    Navigating significant life events

    The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria has been recording significant life events for over 160 years. We designed clear, easy-to-understand and accessible content on sensitive topics – content that steps users through complex processes and tasks.

  • Suncorp Group

    A framework for creating better content

    We helped Suncorp’s eCommerce team develop a content production framework and associated resources to support their customer experience approach. The framework integrates with their agile environment and adapts to their other brands.

  • GWMWater

    Creating customer-friendly information

    GWMWater provides water services to over 70 urban towns in Victoria. We created content for their website that reflects their informative and friendly personality, as well as the processes and resources to help their team maintain it.

  • Financial Counselling Australia

    Equipping financial counsellors

    We helped the national body for the financial counselling industry improve the content and resources in a toolkit for professionals in the field. We transformed a list of links to a topic-based structure that curates useful resources and is easy to search.

  • City of Boroondara

    Content for customers

    Working with UX agency Parisfirst, we prepared a plan to review and rewrite Council’s content to support a customer-first design approach. We then turned 3,000 pages into 500 pages of user-focused, accessible and task-oriented information.

  • AAMI

    Balancing customer and legal needs

    Supporting UX design agency Symplicit’s user research, we worked with the AAMI team to rewrite content about insurance products to make it easier for customers to understand, while keeping its legal integrity.

We work with some great digital agencies!

CSForum 2016

We’re proud to be leading content strategy experts in Australia. That’s why we brought the international Content Strategy Forum to Australia for the very first time!

Guests and speakers came from all over the world, from governments and councils, corporate organisations, leading agencies large and small. And they all loved it.

Attendees got bucket loads of insight, practical tips and tools – and lots of new friends! A first in Australia in this field, the conference paved the way for raising the profile of content strategy and content design in Australia.

CS Forum 2016