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Content operations

Create and manage content efficiently and effectively

Content operations (ContentOps) is about the ‘back end’ – the people, processes and systems involved in creating content. It can be messy, especially if it’s evolved organically over many years.

Streamlining how things are done, by who and when can bring enormous benefit. Less wasted time, a happier, more productive team and a better experience for your customers. Every time.

Often called the ‘glue’ that connects content strategy and content delivery, ContentOps binds the whole process together. It brings a repeatable, scalable and effective process for creating quality content that meets user needs and business goals.

It doesn’t have to be a massive change exercise! Small improvements where you need it most can make a big difference.

So what does it involve? Depending on the problems you need to solve, it could include:

  • clarifying roles and responsibilities
  • speeding up the content production lifecycle
  • introducing quality standards, checkpoints or guidelines
  • standardising workflows and tools
  • developing a content model to make it easier to create and reuse content.

Below are a few of the organisations we’ve helped with content operations.

Our success stories

  • Atlassian

    Better ops leads to better content for customers

    That’s what we helped Atlassian prove. Through co-design workshops, we identified challenges and opportunities in their current content development process, and delivered an operations model to better support the content design team.

  • Suncorp Group

    A framework for creating better content

    We helped Suncorp’s eCommerce team develop a content production framework and associated resources to support their customer experience approach. The framework integrates with their agile environment and adapts to their other brands.

  • Comcare

    Keeping everything on track

    We designed a task-focused information architecture and wrote clear, consistent and structured content for Comcare’s new intranet. And to keep everything on track, we left the team with a clear and practical governance framework.

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