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Content testing

Evaluate your content by testing it with real users

We know it’s the content that engages, educates and converts your users, but how do you know it really works?

We’ve developed a content testing process that measures whether your content is meaningful and useful. We take a usability testing approach to focus on how people read, interpret and act on content, and why they do or don’t understand it.

Our moderated testing sessions get down to word level to find out:

  • Do users understand the content?
  • Is there too much or not enough?
  • Does it strike the right tone?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it in the right order?
  • What words do people use?

Observing real users in action tells us if they can find what they need, understand what they find and act on it confidently.

We offer content testing as part of our content design process. It gives us rich qualitative evidence to improve the content, set the direction for future content, and keep the user front of mind, always.

Below are a few of the organisations we’ve helped with content testing.

Our success stories

  • NSW Road User Handbook

    Clearer rules, safer roads

    As the go-to resource for getting your driver licence in NSW, the information in the Road User Handbook had to be easy to find, understand and learn. We tested the content with real users – including a range of gender and age, CALD audiences, licence type and experience level – to check everyone could easily understand the processes, rules and safety advice.

  • Moneysmart

    Helping people make better decisions

    To find out if the content we designed for ASIC’s new Moneysmart website really worked, we tested it with real users. We covered complex financial concepts and common tasks to make sure the information was clear, user-focused and supported better financial decision making.

  • Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

    Giving users what they need

    We asked Victorian teachers and principals what information they needed to make the right professional learning choices. Using insights from this research and content testing, we restructured the course page, identified opportunities for improvement, and rewrote the content for key courses on Bastow’s website.

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