Content strategy

Content Strategy Content Development Content Governance

This is the thinking part, where we put our strategic heads together to determine how ‘content’ will serve your customers’ needs – across all channels and touch points – and hence support your business goals. We look at four streams:

We look at things like tone of voice, language, keywords, messaging and best practice, defining how to write content that supports your brand and engages your customers – in the right way at the right time.

We analyse content for themes, topics, formats, types, frequency and popularity, to help designers structure and present content for optimum user experience and re-use across touch points.

We look at how content is developed and stored using content management (and other) systems and tools, defining a model for efficient publishing and maintenance across all channels.

And, critically, we look at how content activities are carried out on a daily basis, defining a governance model, roles, tasks, workflows, standards and policies.

We emerge with clear, strategic guidelines that will direct how content is developed and governed.

Now, you’re ready for Content development.