We generally work on medium to large customer-focused digital projects.

The types of projects we work on are:

  • Website redesigns
  • Consolidation of several websites/channels
  • Migration of content to new content management systems
  • Brand new product or business websites
  • Intranet reviews or upgrades

The services we offer for those projects fall into three core areas:

Content strategy

This is the thinking part, where we put our strategic heads together to determine how ‘content’ will serve your customers’ needs – across all channels and touch points – and support your business goals. Read more

Content development

This is the fun part! Together, we’ve thought it through (see above!) and we now know exactly what needs to be developed to bring the strategy to life. Some content may just need a refresh, some we will be glad to see the back of, and some we will have the pleasure of creating from scratch. Read more

Content governance

Here’s the reality check. Content is not just for your birthday. To remain accurate and relevant, and work for your business, it needs looking after. It needs nurturing and loving. It needs governing. Read more

Wherever you need us, we integrate with your project and work alongside your team to deliver a framework of content activities, step by step. We can work with traditional waterfall projects or within a more agile environment.

If you’ve got some content activities covered already, that’s cool! We’re happy to deliver individual tasks or propose a tailored package for your situation. Contact us to discuss your needs.